Add image annotations functionality to your Silverlight applications.
Drag the component from the toolbox to your application and you are ready to go!

Silverlight ImgAnnotations Component

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  • Title: Silverlight ImgAnnotations Component
  • Version: 3.5.4
  • Author: Image Components
  • Year: 2020
  • Quick Starts:  Examples


SLImgAnnotations Component is an invisible-at-runtime control available for Silverlight developers.

It allows you to add and edit annotations in your images (Document Mark-up).

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Using SLImgAnnotations, developers can add objects to documents in an upper layer. The end-user can insert, reposition and change the attributes (color, text, border, etc.). Annotations objects are stored as a separate file. It can be easily integrated into silverlight applications version 4 or 5 written in Visual Basic or C#.

SLImgAnnotations supports: Notes, Stamps, Highlight, Hide, Ellipses, Lines, Arrows, Images and OCR, barcode and zoom zones.

SLImgAnnotations component is part of the SLImgEdit component.It doesn't work without it.

Features Included

  1. Local and remote load of annotations.
  2. Local and remote save of annotations.
  3. Multi-page annotations support.
  4. Add, selected, double click and deleted events.
  5. Annotations insert by selection.
  6. Text annotations with double click edit feature.
  7. Stamp annotations.
  8. Highlight annotations.
  1. Hide annotations.
  2. Ellipse annotations.
  3. Embedded image annotations.
  4. Line annotations.
  5. Arrow annotations.
  6. OCR, barcode and zoom zone annotations.
  7. Edit, remove and clear page annotations.
  8. Access to the page annotations collection.