Add thumbnail viewing capabilities to your ASP.NET applications.
Drag the component from the toolbox to your application and you are ready to go!

ASP.NET Thumbnails Component

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  • Title: ASP.NET Thumbnails Component
  • Version: 3.1.2
  • Author: Image Components
  • Year: 2019
  • Quick Starts:  Examples


WebImgThumbnails is a easy to use image pages thumbnail preview.

It can be easily integrated into ASP.NET /HTML5/Javascript web apps for today's HTML5 standards.

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This components allows to create a small image representation of a larger image, usually intended to make it easier and faster to look at or manage a group of larger images. Written in javascript language, provides imaging capabilities into every modern browser, including mobile browsers.

WebImgThumbnails gives you the ability to view, navigate re-order high-quality thumbnails of a loaded image or a selected file system folder. The control can be resized to show as many thumbnail columns as you like.

WebImgThumbnails component is part of the SLImgEdit component.It doesn't work without it.

Features Included

  1. Thumbnail display from Uri, streams, byte arrays and displayed ImgEdit component image.
  2. Image page re-order by time pressure of the source page, and releasing it on the destination.
  3. Automatic thumbnail wrap on control resize.
  4. Thumbnail caption management.
  5. Thumbnail size management.
  6. Thumbnail annotations display.